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Teacher Training Academy

TESOL Certificate Courses in Iidabashi, Tokyo

CourseInstructors (PDF)



・ TESOL Certificate (Young Learners) - Seminar Details
・ TESOL Certificate
- Seminar Details

For each course, there are five kinds of certificates:
・ Attendance Certificate
・ Full Certificate
・ Applied Certificate
・ Advanced Certificate
・ Advanced Certificate (Applied)

・ Attendance Certificates
A teacher receives a Level 1 Attendance Certificate afterattending 4 workshops of the same program (for example, 2 Sundayswith 2 workshops on each day), a Level 2 Attendance Certificate after attending 8 workshops etc.
・ Full Certificates

A teacher receives a Level 1 Certificate after attending4 workshops of the same program and completing 2 written assignmentsbased on the workshops, a Level 2 Certificate after attending8 workshops and completing 4 written assignments based on the workshopsattended etc. Each assignment is graded Pass, Pass C, Pass B or Pass A. Written assignments that are not of anacceptable standard may be rewritten.
・ Applied Certificates

A teacher receives an Applied Certificate after submitting videoclips that show the teacher putting into practice approaches andtechniques introduced in the workshops. Teachers will also be askedto comment on the video clips. Applied Certificates will also havevarious levels.
・ Advanced Certificates
A teacher receives an ‘Advanced Certificate’ after attending 20different workshops of the same program and completing 10 writtenassignments based on the workshops. Certificates are graded ‘Pass’,‘Pass with merit’ or ‘Pass with distinction’. Written assignmentsthat are not of an acceptable standard may be rewritten. (see also- Advanced Certificate (Applied)).
All certificates are sent as e-mail attachments.

There are two workshops in a day. Teachers can choose to attendone or both of the workshops. Morning workshop: 10:30 - 1:00 Afternoonworkshop: 2:00 - 4:30 .

Nellie’s, Iidabashi Bookstore, Kenkyusha Fujimi Bldg.,
1F, 2-11-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

For attending a workshop:
¥2,500 (ETJ and FETJ members)
¥3,500 (Non-members )
For submitting an assignment to be graded: ¥1,000

*ETJ is a free association for English teachers in Japan thatencourages the exchange of information and teaching ideas and supportsthe professional development of teachers. (

You can register by
Please state your full name and which workshops you would like toattend.
When you register for your first workshop, you will be sent a registrationnumber by e-mail. Please quote this number when registering forfuture workshops.