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JY Phonics Kids

The JY Phonics Kids Series is designed for beginning English learners and is aimed to help young EFL students begin learning basic phonics successfully, step by step. The series includes 6 books each of which comes with a CD. The first three books focus on the foundation of phonics: The alphabet, the consonants and the short vowels. The following three books extend children's knowledge of word families and help young learners acquire a correct sense of language. Each book is packed with fun activities and beautiful illustrations that children will enjoy whilst improving their English ability!

Components ISBN Price  

Student Book 1 with CD


¥1,500 + tax

Student Book 2 with CD


¥1,500 + tax

Student Book 3 with CD


¥1,500 + tax

Student Book 4 with CD


¥1,700 + tax

Student Book 5 with CD


¥1,700 + tax

Student Book 6 with CD


¥1,700 + tax