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Practical Readings

For young adult and adult learners of English. 18 units. A variety of short, realistic reading passages. Advertisements, maps, tour itineraries and more—English of the type students have to read out of class. Reading for gist and for specific information. Practice in inferencing. Plus activities to further apply language from the readings. A special feature of Practical Readings is its focus on how words in texts connect. Students read a text, break it apart, then read it again.

How Practical Readings helps:

  • a wide range of text types: questionnaires, maps, tour itineraries, postcards, short descriptions…
  • short texts which allow class time to be spent focsuing on elements within the texts: the use of markers, how words point to or 'echo' other words, how words are dropped…
  • practice is a wide variety of reading skills: skimming, scanning, reading for detail, inferencing…
  • ample illustrations in full color

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Practical Reading Student Book


¥2,000 + tax